…beautiful fresh Steelhead in the heart of the

Canadian prairies

Wild West Steelhead is a fully integrated producer, controlling all stages of production, from egg incubation to finished, boneless fillets, ready for the consumer. Our state-of-the-art hatchery, superior growing environment and processing plant all combine to bring the consumer the highest quality product possible. Rich color, superior taste, consistent freshness, on-time delivery and experience has made Wild West Steelhead Canada's preferred Steelhead supplier

The clear, cool waters of Lake Diefenbaker make it one of Saskatchewan's most popular fishing lakes, and provide a superior environment for raising premium steelhead trout. Lake Diefenbaker, a large freshwater body, boasts more than 800 kilometers, or 500 miles, of shoreline and is fed by the cool, pristine waters of the Rocky Mountains.

In business since 1992, Wild West Steelhead is one of Canada's largest steelhead producers.

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