In business since 1992, Wild West Steelhead is one of Canada’s largest steelhead producers.

Controlling the steelhead trout production process, from the egg all the way to the fillets, Wild West Steelhead ensures only the highest quality standards and guarantees traceability. The farm became BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Certified in 2019 and is working towards BAP certification of the onsite processing plant and hatchery.

Since its inception, Wild West Steelhead has prided itself on being environmentally conscious. Through extensive water quality monitoring and thorough environmental assessments over the years, the company has demonstrated its commitment to producing a safe and sustainable product. Continually striving to improve production has led to lower feed conversion rates, effectively optimizing resources, all while increasing yield and improving animal welfare.

The market readily devours Wild West Steelhead’s production, attracted by the company’s reliable freshness, consistent delivery schedules, year-round production, rich colour and superior taste.

For the finest quality steelhead trout products, look no further … Wild West Steelhead is Canada’s preferred steelhead supplier.